Barista Training

In-Depth and hands-on barista training classes.

Roastery 7 offers comprehensive barista training classes for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area that will take you from beginner to expert. Learn basic coffee brewing, latte art and more.

The average class length is 2 hours. The first class is free for folks in the coffee industry or those looking to get started in the coffee industry. Standard pricing is $40 per class or $120 for a 6 month unlimited pass. 

To reserve your seat, sign up through our affiliate brand’s website here.

If you have any additional questions or to schedule a private class, please call 877-884-7463  or email Alan at

Latte Art

Quick barista 1 review, heart fundamentals made easy, practice with water, live practice, practice, practice, rosetta fundamentals, more practice. Register for Latte Art here.

Barista Skills

Overview of coffee history, sourcing, and roasting, in-depth lesson on espresso extraction and dialing in, in-depth lesson on micro-foam, practice making a complete drink. Register for Barista 1 here.

Brewing Basics

Building recipes using golden cup theory, pour over brewing techniques, test recipes on Chemex, Kalita, and other devices, qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate results. From small personal batches to filling a keg for Nitro on tap — we’ll cover, hands on, how to do it, what it costs and how much to charge. Register for Brewing Basics here.


Learn the analysis of coffee flavor, quality, and aroma from the sample roaster to the cupping table. How we taste, how to cup, coffee descriptions, and participate in a blind tasting. Register for Cupping here.

Coffee Shop 101

What does it take to run a coffee shop? In this class we discuss the coffee entrepreneurship journey from ideation to implementation. Business planning, financing, market research, operations management, licencing, and beyond. Register For Coffee Shop 101 here.



Barista 1 - Tues. October 1st, 7pm

Latte Art - Thurs. October 3rd, 12pm

Coffee Shop 101 - Tues. October 8th, 7pm

Cupping - Wed. October 9th, 3pm

Brewing Basics - Thurs. October 10th, 12pm

Latte Art - Tues. October 15th, 7pm

Barista 1 - Thurs. October 17th, 12pm

Brewing Basics - Tues. October 22nd, 7pm

Coffee Shop 101 - Thurs. October 24th, 12pm

Barista 1 - Tues. October 29th, 7pm

Latte Art - Wed. October 30th, 3pm

Cupping - Thurs. October 31st, 12pm


Coffee Shop 101 - Tues. November 5th, 7pm

Brewing Basics - Thur. November 7th, 12pm

Latte Art - Tues. November 12th, 7pm

Cupping - Wed. November 13th, 3pm

Barista 1 - Thur. November 14th, 12pm

Barista 1 - Tues. November 19th, 7pm

Coffee Shop 101 - Thur. November 21st, 12pm

Latte Art - Tues. November 26th, 7pm

Latte Art - Wed. November 27th, 3pm

Cupping - Thur. November 28th, 12pm

About the classes


Barista Level 1

Our Barista Level 1 class is intended to give beginning baristas an introduction in the green coffee and the roasting process as well as a thorough beginning to espresso beverage making. By the end of this class you will make complete espresso beverages.

What you will learn:

  • An introduction to green coffee

  • An introduction to specialty coffee roasting

  • The fundamentals of espresso extraction, micro-foaming and drink construction.

Latte Art 1

Latte Art 1 is the next class in the series after Barista Level 1 or for baristas with at least some coffee serving experience. During this class you will learn the fundamentals of latte art and will leave with the skills needed to practice and perfect your art on your own.

What you will learn:

  • Quick review of micro-foaming

  • Tips and tricks for easier and better latter art

  • Heart fundamentals – with multiple practice rounds

  • Tips for practicing on your own

Latte Art 2

Latte Art 2 is meant for baristas with at least some coffee serving and latte art experience. This class is about practice, practice and practice.

What you will learn:

  • More latte art tips and tricks

  • Rosetta and Tulip fundamentals

  • Authentic Flat White vs. the Starbucks version

Cupping is how coffee professionals taste and select new coffees. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of how to taste coffee for quality what is most important when selecting craft coffees.

What you will learn:

  • How to taste coffee

  • How to properly "cup" coffee

  • How to identify different coffee characteristics

  • Play the “name that coffee” game

Coffee Cupping

From small personal batches of cold press coffee to filling a keg of Nitro on tap, we’ll teach you the entire process from start to finish.

What you will learn:

  • How to make cold press coffee

  • How to make nitro cold brew

  • How much they cost to make

  • How to price your products for retail

Cold Press and Nitro Cold Brew

Clean the coffee path from start to finish using a model schedule, how to inspect and replace wear and tear parts, calibration points, water filtration.

What you will learn: 

  • How to set up a preventative maintenance schedule.

  • How to clean grinders and inspect grinding burrs for wear.

  • How to clean and calibrate espresso machines

  • How to clean and calibrate coffee brewers

  • How to set up and maintain a water filtration system

Preventative Maintenance

Learn to build recipes using Golden Cup theory and basic single cup brewingtechniques. Then test recipes on Hario, Chemex, Kalita, Clover and other devices, qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate results.

What you will learn:

  • Golden Cup Theory

  • How to scale the theory down to single cup pour over devices and up to full batch brewing.

  • How to pour over brew on multiple devices

  • How to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate results

Pour Over Brewing