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Barista Level 1

Barista Level 1


2 Hours

Course Description

This course offers a comprehensive approach to understanding the world of coffee, starting with its rich history and moving on to the intricacies of sourcing and roasting. The course then delves into the art of crafting espresso, with a focus on extraction and dialing in techniques to achieve the perfect shot. Participants will also receive an in-depth lesson on micro-foam and how to create it consistently. The course will conclude with hands-on practice making a complete drink, allowing participants to apply their newly learned skills in a practical setting. By the end of this course, participants will have a solid foundation in the art and science of crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

Learning Outcomes

An introduction to green coffee

An introduction to specialty coffee roasting

The fundamentals of espresso extraction, micro-foaming and drink construction.

Private Courses Available

Roastery 7 also offers private classes upon specific request.  Call 877-884-7463 to schedule your private class today.

For the Coffee Community

The first class is free for folks in the coffee industry or those looking to get started in the coffee industry

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