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Carbon Negative Sustainability Initiative Since 2010

Since early 2010, Roastery 7 has partnered with the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (MCF), an organization dedicated to Cloud Forest conservation and reforestation in Ecuador. In order to make our carbon footprint net negative, we created a business plan that uses a portion of our sales to fund their reforestation program through the purchase of carbon offsets. 

Currently, for every pound of coffee that we roast and deliver, Roastery 7 produces a carbon footprint that, after rounding up, works out to emit 4 pounds of CO2. To offset that, we purchase 8 pounds of offsets from MCF for each pound of green coffee we purchase. This means we're able to sequester 4 more pounds of CO2 per pound of coffee sold, making our business model net negative.  

Gourmet Carbon

This is not just any old carbon. The offsets we purchase fund reforestation of clear-cut pasture land with native tree species. This means we are sequestering carbon in one of the Earth's wettest and most biodiverse forest areas: the Chocó bioregion. Added benefits? These offsets not only create jobs in rural Ecuador, but they recreate tropical forest habitat and buffer Mindo Cloud forest Foundations’ Cloud Forest Reserves that are in and around three Birdlife International designated Important Bird Areas (IBAs). 

In an increasingly socially and environmentally conscious world, there is a consumer demand for sustainably grown coffee. Already, there is organic, fair-trade, rainforest alliance certified, and shade grown coffee-- but we go the extra step. When you serve our coffee, you can let your customers know that your coffee is sustainable from tree to cup, by displaying MCF’s CarbonNeg certification. 

Our Sister Company, Tiny Footprint Coffee

2010 also marked the foundation of our sister company, Tiny Footprint Coffee. Also carbon negative, Tiny Footprint focuses exclusively on organic coffees. Similarly, with each pound of coffee sold, Tiny Footprint is also partnered with the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation and contributes to similar reforestation efforts. With an overtly sustainable brand, we are able to deepen an awareness of sustainability and environmental efforts with customers and beyond. 

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