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Equipment Sales and Services

Roastery7 specializes in repairing, selling, and advising on professional coffee, espresso, and cold brew machines. We work directly with each customer to develop a customized plan that meets their unique needs. Contact us to get started.

Proudly Selling and Servicing Top-Notch Brands


Our Maintenance Services

Tracking and Reminders

We offer tracking and reminder services for commercial coffee machines to ensure timely servicing, minimizing unexpected downtime and maximizing machine performance.

24/7 Repair

We offer 24/7 repair services for commercial coffee machines to keep your business running smoothly with highly trained technicians experienced in fixing a wide range of issues.

Water Filtration

We provide water filtration services for commercial coffee machines to improve the quality of the water used in your machine and enhance the flavor and taste of your coffee.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer comprehensive maintenance plans for commercial coffee machines to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and smooth operation, tailored to your specific needs.

Equipment Calibration

Roastery7 offers professional machine calibration services to maintain the quality, consistency, and efficiency of your commercial coffee machine using advanced equipment and techniques.

DIY Maintenance Training

Learn about your commercial coffee machine, extending its lifespan while avoiding costly repairs. The DIY maintenance program is one course of our comprehensive barista training.

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