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Latte Art 2

Latte Art 2


2 Hours

Course Description

Latte Art 2 is the perfect course for baristas who have completed Latte Art 1 or have some coffee serving and latte art experience, as it provides an opportunity to refine and master their skills through extensive practice and hands-on guidance. In this course, participants will explore advanced techniques, such as intricate designs and patterns, while receiving expert instruction and feedback. With a focus on practice, practice, and more practice, participants will gain a deeper understanding of latte art and develop the skills necessary to create stunning designs that are sure to impress customers. By the end of the course, participants will leave with a heightened level of confidence and expertise in latte art, making them stand out as skilled and creative baristas.

Learning Outcomes

More latte art tips and tricks

Rosetta and Tulip fundamentals

Authentic Flat White vs. the Starbucks version

Private Courses Available

Roastery 7 also offers private classes upon specific request.  Call 877-884-7463 to schedule your private class today.

For the Coffee Community

The first class is free for folks in the coffee industry or those looking to get started in the coffee industry

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